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About Us

Isn't your investment worth protecting?

There is no question that covered storage is good. But Park and Zip coverage takes it to the next step, and protects it 360 degrees from wasps, rodents, spiders, snakes, dirt, people, weather, etc. 

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Our Story

Park and Zips are made by Global Safety Textiles, the people that also make the air bags for cars and trucks. They use a proven fabric design, combined with the strongest threads, and the best zippers.

We thought this could help people store: boats, vehicles, motorcycles, ATV's, golf cars, furniture, lawn mowers, tractors, Canoes, Kayaks, floats, or prized belongings, until it gets back in use without days of cleanup necessary. And it's less expensive than shrink wrap because its reusable! Jerry and Mary Ann Ford of Flowery Branch, with the help of Randy Ulloa and team at We've Got You Covered of Buford, will help you protect your investment. All Park and Zip's come with a 2-year limited guarantee.  Get yours! Call 678-828-7018

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